Service Policy

FitFino Products will be covered under warranty for 5 years from the date of Installation or 60 days from the date of purchase (whichever is earliest). However all consumables parts like filters, Membranes are not covered under this warranty.

In case, it is observed that the condition of the water is not suitable for a product, our technicians will advise pre-treatment of the water at additional cost before installation. The service contract would get void / cancelled in-case the water condition goes beyond the specified TDS of 1300 PPM, a condition which is mentioned in the user manual as well.

For softeners of 15 litres and above, water testing from an approved laboratory is mandatory. Water testing need not be undertaken if the product happens to be in an area where a similar product is working satisfactorily with the same source of water supply.

Repairs will have a warranty for a period of one month and no service charges will be levied if the product fails within one month of repairs.

Three Contract Service (CS) calls will be made during the one-year Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract. Zero B will replace all the filters & RO Membrane one time after renewing the contract in this period for the smooth functioning of the product. In case of replacement of any parts, the same will be on chargeable basis. There is a one time free of cost replacement of all the filters and RO membrane during the period of ACMC. However if the same has not been undertaken, then the respective RSM is authorised to extend the warranty period and offer a discount for reconversion for next ACMC.