What Water Treatment Do We Need to Make Alkaline Water?

In addition to companies that sell alkaline water, there are also companies that sell equipment for creating alkaline water. So, what is the best water treatment equipment for acquiring alkaline water if you’ve decided that that’s something you want?

Many products simply raise the pH of the water to create alkaline water. Technically, this is all it takes—by definition, water with a pH higher than 7 is now alkaline.

However, many of those companies fail to first filter your tap water before alkalinizing it. As a result, the water may still contain many common cancer-causing agents, or carcinogens. Those include chemicals like chromium, radium, arsenic, lead, benzene, and more.

If you’re trying to make your water help protect you from cancer, does it make any sense to leave cancer-causing chemicals in the water? We don’t think so.


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